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Join us at the beach!

Do you want to learn how to play beach volleyball or perhaps you want to take your game to the next level? 

Beach volleyball is a truly unique sport that unifies all ages, nationalities, skillsets and destinations into one, fun common activity. Join our beach camps and meet new and old friends in one of our amazing destinations. Train in the morning and spend the rest of your day joining our excursions or at your own leisure.

We Welcome All



Beach volleyball is a truly unique sport as it's suited for absolutely everyone. You can play with your kids, old friends or new friends. You can even mix levels. You don't have to know anything about the sport to join our beach camps. We will make sure you learn a lot, and you will have fun doing it!

What will I learn?

We will learn you how to keep the ball flying by focus on basic skills, basic rules and how to play the game.

Who can join?

Anyone who wants to try the game. Our coaches adjust the training and the groups to your level. We welcome people of all ages. Quite often we even see parents, thinking this isn't for them, becoming as eager to play and learn more as their kids after a few sessions at the beach


Pretty much everyone is welcome in this group as it consists of players of a wide range of levels that wants to improve their skills. 

What will I learn?

We will help you to take your basics to the next level, and put it into more game situated drills. We will also teach you some tactical choices, with a main focus on your sideout (serve reception, setting and the first attack)

Who can join?

If you feel that you can regulary receive the ball and put it into play, you are ready for this group. This group is very wide, so we always try to divide courts by level so that everyone can join regardless of experience, physical fitness or age.


If you are eager to compete with the best players in your country, or maybe challenge yourself to take it even further, this is the group for you! We are confident that we can give an extra edge to your game.

What will I learn?

We will focus to improve your weak sides, and evolve your strong sides, achieving those few extra percentages in all parts of the game. Specifically we will work on sideout, block, transition and defence. If it's windy, we will teach you how to master the wind. It's all about details!

Who can join?

You either keep or want to achieve a national or international level. A lot of world class players have evolved their game on our camps and used them for preparation for upcoming events.


All kids are welcome to join our camps. The kids sessions may vary, depending on age and level of the kids. We love to teach the kids how to play, and make sure they have fun doing it.


Our main focus is to keep everybody happy, and make them respect and help each other. At the same time, we will give those kids that are ready for tougher advantages just that!

A lot of our guests are leaving the kids to train with us while they train themselves. Other times the kids are leaving the parents with us so that the parents can learn how to play - it usually works out perfect both ways!


Get a one-to-one to focus on that special detail you really want to improve.


Sometimes you want that extra focus on a spesific part of the game, or you just want to clock some extra time on the beach when you actually have the possibility to do so. We can help you out!


Private sessions are available upon request, depending on the availability of courts and coaches. It can be a one-to-one situation, or you can share the coach with a group.

Feel free to send us a note if you want to know if this is available during "your" camp".


We have great success with our training groups for kids - they love it. But, believe it or not, we've had nearly greater success by coaching the parents!

Large groups of parents, that instead of watching their kids play, have joined us to learn the magic of the game themselves and get insights on what their kids are learning - which is truly agreeable.

The perfect combination of a holiday in beautiful destinations with a bit of training while the kids are activated have been very favourable received. A perfect fit for both the parents that knows the game from before, and parents that has more or less never touched a ball in their lifetime... 

Training anchor

 "Most people think of the beach as a happy and sunny place to be. A place to relax and enjoy with good friends or new friends. We are bringing people to some of the worlds finest beaches - with the spirit of beach volleyball - the finest sport you can imagine in the sand. We have more than 10 years of experience giving our customers world class coaches that brings a perfect mix of fun training, holiday wibes and memorable experiences. We are hosting camps for all levels, and our mission is to take your game one, two or three steps further wether you are a novice or a pro. While we do it, we will make sure to keep you happy - even if it rains:)!"

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Vegard Høidalen


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