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Head Coaches

The company Camps R’us have evolved from a cooperation between the former World Championship medallists, Olympians and European champions Vegard Høidalen & Jørre Kjemperud. They live and breath beach volleyball - and are truly passionate for passing on the joy of the game with you!

Vegard Høidalen

Vegard Høidalen is a highly respected, experienced trainer. He has been the coach of the Norwegian womens National beach volleyballteam, teaching several volleyball schools, classes and camps. He's well known for his ability to instantly enhance and step up your game.

Merrits beach volleyball:

  • World Championship Bronze 2001

  • European Championship Gold 1997

  • 4 European Championship Bronze

  • 9 Medals on World Tour

  • More than 50 "top 10" on World Tour

  • 9th place Olympic Games 2000, 2004

  • Several gold medals in the Norwegian Championship

  • Several titles, pro- and national games in indoor volleyball


As a beach volleyball player Vegard was well known to have the hardest serve in the world. He was a strong power player who always stepped up his game for the big occasions. Vegard still plays on the National tour.

Jørre Kjemperud

Jørre Kjemperud is a steady coach with a sharp eye for details. His ability to detect and improve your nearly invicible technical flaws takes your game quickly to the next level.


Merrits beach volleyball:

  • World Championship Bronze 2001

  • European Championship Gold 1997

  • 4 European Championship Bronze

  • 10 Medals on World Tour

  • More than 70 "top 10" on World Tour

  • 9th place Olympic Games 2000, 2004

  • European "Player of the Year"

  • Several titles and national games in indoor volleyball

Jørre was known for his flawless technique and an exceptional court view. He was a very strong tactical player that was always giving his best no matter what competition - in fact, he still does:)

vegard beachcamp.png

At Camps R'us you'll always be trained by top level coaches. Between us we have several medals from International and National Championships - both as players and coaches. 


Meet some of our world class coaches

Eirik Roness

Eirik has for a number of years been the leader and head coach of Vikersund volleyball as well as the coach for the Norwegian volleyball federations regional teams in volleyball and beach volleyball, boys and girls. In addition, he has been assistant coach and team manager on the junior national team of the girls and boys. 

Eirik is genuinely interested in play and mastery experience. He’s well known for truly seeing and identifying each athlete’s individual advantages. Eirik has a knack for creating positive energy during practice and is incredibly good at motivating athletes to believe in themselves and to bring out a gear they didn't know they had.

Eirik was an elite, professional volleyballplayer in Norway and Hungary for 15 years. As a player, Eirik was Cup - and Liga champion with Nyborg, he has 2 gold - and one silver medal from veteran world championships 45+. Eirik is currently playing coach for Vikersund volleyball's team in the 1st division.


As a coach, Eirik has 10 national and international medals. In beach volleyball, Eirik has worked with athletes who have about 10 national and international medals.

jon grydeland.png

Jon Grydeland

Jon has extensive coaching experience in volleyball and beach volleyball. This includes 12 years as national coach for both female and male athletes who won several medals in European championships and World Tour tournaments. After completing his fourth Olympics in 2012, Grydeland started as sports director for the Norwegian Volleyball Federation. Jon has a master's degree in coaching from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences with a specialization in beach volleyball.


Merrits trainer:

6 European Championship medals

5 Medals in the World Tour

9th place Olympic Games 2000, 2008, 2012


Merrits Beach volleyball player

Norwegian Championship silver medal 2004

4th place Nordic Championship 2001.

25.plass World Tour Brasil 2002

9.plass FIVB Challenger Kiev 2002. 

29 FIVB tournaments.


Merrits Volleyball: player

17 matches - Norwegian national team

Several times Norwegian champion and Liga champion.


Marius Pande

Marius is a very unique athlete. He came "out of nowhere" when he started playing beach volleyball in his early twenties and rapidly became one of the best Norwegian players. Last year he was the "Best Male Player" on the national tour. 


Marius is living proof that you don't need to start training at an early age to reach a high level. Are you a "late bloomer" yourself, he will be able to give you some great tips on what to do to reach that top level.

Marius also works as a physio therapist and he is a steady and patient coach with great people skills. You always leave his training sessions feeling great. 

Christian Ruud

Christian is one of Norways strongest players. His block is outstanding and he's a very sought after partner amongst the Norwegian players. He has won most titles possible to win in Norway and he also have international experience.

Christian always bring that big smile to his training sessions. However, even though he's shares his good mood, he knows how to push your limits through high intensity training with his energetic coaching style.

christian ruud celebrating_foto kristian monsoon _cropped.jpg
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