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COVID-19 Terms and Conditions

You will find an overview of our Conditions regarding Covid- 19 here. These conditions are in addition to our Terms and Conditions.

Infection control measures during our camps

Your safety is our top priority. Camps R'us strive to meet all required measures in order to prohibit spreading of Covid - 19 during our activities. General measures are:

- all balls are disinfected prior to all trainings sessions if considered necessary.

- the coaches wear masks during training if considered necessary

- participants that have tested positivity for Covid- 19 must be cleared by a negative test prior to entering our camps

- you may be part of the same training group during the entire camp

- all participants and coaches must wash/disinfect their hands prior to the sessions

Please note that implemented measures follow local requirements and may be different for different locations.

Cancellations and changes due to National or local Covid - 19 restrictions

Camps R'us must comply with all National and local Covid. 19 restrictions and may not be held responsible for the timing of any changes that may occur due to such restrictions. If an activity is cancelled due to Covid - 19, all payments will be refunded as per our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any signs or symptoms of Covid - 19, like sneezing, coughing or a fever, we strongly advice to test yourself for possible Covid - 19 before taking part in any activities. CAMPS R'us emphasize that all participation is at ones own responsibility. If you are prevented to participate before or during the agreed activity, a travel insurance may cover your cost - with a doctor certificate. Contact your insurance company. Read more under our Terms and Conditions.


Last updated November 2022

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