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October 2024

Extend your summer at the scenic Sperlonga in Italy!

Scenic Sperlonga is a super charming Italian village with narrow alleys and fantastic food. You will be trained by our very best coaches and will have an exclusive training experience in our awesome arena with 15 top-class courts. 

The combination of playing beach volleyball, the food and the lovely atmosphere will be magical, so why not escape autumn and join us, enjoy summer in the Italian pearl Sperlonga!

Camp Programme

This year we are conducting 2 camps. The camps are 2 weeks in a row.

You may book 1 or 2 weeks all together.

Week 1: 27. September - 4. October 2024

Week 2: 5. - 11. October 2024



Welcome to Sperlonga Tournament


Morning Training session 1

15:00 Random partner Tournament


Morning Training session 2

15:00 King & Queen of the Beach Tournament


Morning Training session 3

15:00 Tuesday Winner´s court Tournament


Morning Training session 4

15:00 Camp tournament (all levels)


Morning Training session 5

15:00 King of the Cour Tournament (all levels)


Friday BeachTravels´Trophy Tournament


3 yoga classes at the beach


Free use of courts and balls

Free use of the beach lounge

Free Water at the camp

Social activities

Exhibition games with our top class players

Lecture: Q&A with our top coaches (week 2)

Welcome drinks at our Town Square night

Sunset Hangout at Sperlonga Tower

Farewell party


NOK 5495,- with our BOOK EARLY DISCOUNT at NOK 2000,- 

Ordinary price NOK 7495,-


2 - 12 yr NOK 2995,- with our BOOK EARLY DISCOUNT at NOK 2000,-

Ordinary price NOK 4995,-


during 5 training sessions

2 -12 yr NOK 995,-

If you are a guest that do not want to take part in any beach volleyball activities, but you still want to be part of the camp, we offer this for NOK 1000,- without yoga included or NOK 1500,- Yoga included.

Please note that by confirming your booking you have automatically accepted our Terms and Conditions.


Dates to be confirmed for our BOOK EARLY DISCOUNT of NOK 2000,- 

15.09.2024 Final Registration Deadline


The 28th of September (week 1) and the 5th of October (week 2) are the days of arrival and the 5th (week 1) and the 12th of October (week 2) are the departure days for the camp. The courts and balls are available during these days. At 5pm a social "Welcome to Praia da Rocha" tournament will be held for those who get there in time on the day of arrival. This is a great way to get to know the other participants. At 6pm to 9pm the coaches will be at the courts to welcome participants and answer potential question. The first official training starts Sunday morning.

More questions?

Check out our Frequently asked questions 

- FAQ -


We are offered discounts at Hotel Aurora, which is located nicely by the water and our arena. All of our personnel will also stay at this hotel. Make your booking by emailing and make sure to include the discount code "BeachTravels" to get your special price. The offered special prices are:

Bed & Breakfast per night:

60 € per person in a double room 
55 € per person in a triple room
85 € per person in a single room
Ocean view: 15 € per person


Additionally we can recommend Airbnb and rent a cozy apartment/house.

If you want to find someone to share accommodation with, we recommend the Facebook group that we will create for you participants.

photo 02-04-2023, 08 51 19.jpg

Getting There

You book your own trip to Sperlonga.


The easiest way is to fly to Rome and from there it is about 1 hour and 40 minutes by car. Either you rent a car at the airport, which is very affordable, or you take the train from Rome to Sperlonga (takes about 3 hours).


We will create a Facebook group for the participants where you can find others to ride with and also send out detailed descriptions for the train journey once you have booked.



photo 08-10-2019, 16 08 28.jpg

Explore Sperlonga

The main draw of Sperlonga is the beach and the characteristic architecture of the city.  Sperlonga was built as a medieval fortress on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Gaeta. It is very picturesque, with narrow paved streets, many made up mostly of steps, and houses nearby with bridges connecting them. The town has been more than once attacked and taken by moorish pirates, most famously by Khayr al-Din (Barbarossa) in 1534.

The two beaches on the two sides of the old town of Sperlonga are quite popular. One beach stretches all the way to Terracina, 18km away. The other beach ends at a cave known as the "Grotta di Tiberio", "Grotto of Tiberius" or "Cave of Tiberius". The emperor Tiberius was known to have a villa in the area. The cave has yielded a number of marble sculptures which are housed in the museum that is along the via Flacca not far from the cave, a little South of the town. The beaches are good for swimming - and of course beach volleyball, and in summer the sea is generally calm.

The archeological museum of Sperlonga can be found along the Via Flacca, south of town. It sits on a villa built by Emperor Tiberius. It houses several sculptures and artifacts from the villa. The ticket for the museum includes entrance to the Grotto di Tiberius or Cave of Tiberius.

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