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Terms and Conditions

You will find an overview of our Conditions regarding Covid- 19 here. 



All camps are open for booking to everyone that meets the required physical and psychologic capabilities. The booking is in such a binding User Agreement and all of our terms and policies are accepted once the booking is registered.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are under 18, you need permission from a legal guardian before booking.


The binding User agreement between the participant and CAMPS R'US AS consists of:

  • The event description as detailed on This includes facts, camp program and CAMPS R'us AS' Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Cookie Policy and COVID-19 Conditions.

  • Order confirmation and payment receipt.

  • Health consent (included in the booking agreement)

  • Consent Form (included in the booking agreement)

  • Rules of Order (included in the booking agreement)



Payment is done by link to our provider of payment services. Our payment procedures, fees and terms will always follow those ones of our partner for booking unless specified different in writing. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for questions around our terms and conditions.


CAMPS R'us emphasize that all participation is at ones own responsibility. The organizer is not responsible for any economical consequences due to possible accidents or injuries that may occur during the camps. Members of "Norsk Folketrygd" with a residency in Norway is strongly recommended to obtain a registered combined travel -/accident insurance policy prior to participating. Other participants are recommended to obtain an equivalent insurance where they reside. Most 12 month travel insurance policies includes a cancellation policy, but make sure to check yours before joining the camp. 


Terms of Cancellation - Norwegian events/camps

All cancellations shall be in writing, unless otherwise indicated. The organiser should be notified in writing via e-mail to

The participant has the right to cancel a booking with the application of the following cancellation fees.

  • Free cancellation up to 4 weeks prior to the event/camp. All payments are refunded.

  • Cancellations up to 2 weeks prior to the event/camp, the participant pay 50% of the price. 50% of the payments are refunded.

  • Cancellations during the last 2 weeks prior to the event/camp, there are no refunds.

In case of illness, a travel insurance may cover your cost - with a doctor certificate. Contact your insurance company.

If a participant must leave/interrupt an event/camp, Camps R'us is not responsible for any additional costs due to the interruption. In those cases we refer to your private travel insurance. The participant has no claim for any refunds of parts or all of the payment. Otherwise see below for "Complaints".

A participant may transfer a booking to a later event/camp more than 2 weeks prior to the event/camp with a transfer fee of 10% of the total price. Several transfers is possible, however the participant loose all rights for refunds when cancelling after a transfer.

In the case of a cancelled event, the participant will be offered a refund or a substitute camp, but no expences that are not booked through Camps R'us.


Changes or cancellations pre-events/camps - Norway

The organiser may cancel an event/camp due to force majeure, difficult weather conditions, shortfall of bookings, shortage of trainers etc. In case of cancellations the organiser must inform the participants at the latest 14 days prior to the start of the event/camp, when possible. Please note that Covid - 19 (or other viruses creating similar actions from governments) is a force majeure, that may cause a change or cancellation at very short notice.

If an event/camp is cancelled du to the above causes, the participants may be prioritised at the next event/camp and are offered a free transferral, or they may be reimbursed the entire amount payed to Camps R'us. Apart from this, the participant has no other claims of reimbursement.


Changes or cancellations during events/camps

The organiser shall, when possible, arrange the event/camp according to the program. The organiser reserve the right to adjust the program due to "special conditions", which may change the programme significantly. If possible, the organiser should inform all participants of major changes prior to the start of the event/camp. In case of such changes, the participants may withdraw from the event/camp and be 100% reimbursed. Bad weather forecasts are by definition not "special conditions". 


In case of any changes or cancellations during an event/camp due to force majeure  - local and national Covid - 19 restrictions or similar, war, unforeseen lacks of necessities, severe injuries etc. If cancelled during an event/camp, the participants will be reimbursed for the remaining part of the event/camp. Apart from this, there are no reimbursements. The refund will be reimbursed after the participants have forwarded their claim to the organiser. 

Responsibility of participants

All participations and, when necessary, their legal guardians are obliged to read the event program thoroughly and decide if the participant is physically and psychologically able to participate in the camp, with no burden on themselves or others. If a participant is uncertain about their condition of health, they are obliged to consult a doctor. 

The participants must bring clothes and equipment suited the camps conditions.

The participants oblige to follow the organizers instructions. If a participant does not meet the required physical/psycological conditions, they may be denied or excluded from the remainder of the program/camp, with no reimbursement rights.

The participant is responsible for all travel costs to and from the camp/event unless specified different in writing.

The parcipants may be hold responsible for loss or additional costs applied the organiser due to gross violations of the above conditions, damage of the organiser and the partners of the organisers properties or other guests properties.

Precautions and Photographing

There may be discrepancies in prices and other information given on the website and newsletters due to typing errors and other unexpected changes, which may impact the participants.

As a participant of events/camps organised by Camps R'us AS, there may be taken photographs, either by the organiser or other participants. These photos/videos may be used in Camps R'us' and partners own publications, websites and/or social media. If you you want to reserve your right to not be photographed or filmed, you need to inform the organiser about this in writing and you are responsible to get a confirmation from Camps R'us AS in writing that this has been noted. Preferably before or at the beginning of the event/camp.


Copyright © Camps R'us AS. It's stricly forbidden to copy, distribute, publish and other wise change any material on Camps R'us website or distributed to you in other ways. This includes newsletters and camp information. 

Sharing of participants e-mail addresses

During some of our events/camps, when it is favorable to coordinate information, there may be sharing of participants e-mail addresses.


In case of complaints, the leader of the event/camp must be informed immediately. A written statement, including any demands of price reductions, must be sent to Camps R'Us as soon as possible, and 4 weeks after the event/camp is finished at the latest. 

Solution of Conflicts

In case of a conflict between a participant and Camps R'us, both parties consent to solve such a conflict privately between the two parties. The participant consent to not take part in any actions or communications with a third party, neither public nor private, that may lead to a public discrediting of Camps R'us. In case of a notice of conflict from one part to the other, it should be done by personal delivery, via postal service or a certified delivery service. A notice of conflict should be sent to the address below. A conflict should attempt to be solved through a direct negotiation between the involved parts. If the parties does not reach an agreement, the conflict may be forwarded to forliksrådet or the legal system.


The addresse and contact details of Camps R'us are as follows:


General Manager: Vegard Høidalen

Adress: Camps R'us, Harriet Backers vei 60, 1415 Oppegård

This agreement should be regulated and interpreted according to the Norwegian laws.


Last updated April 2021

Copyright © Camps R'us AS - All rights reserved.

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